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Mario-22-Miami. Working on becoming a teacher. Holla.


The shot where the Bride splits a baseball in two with a samurai sword was done for real on set by Zoe Bell, Uma Thurman’s stunt double.

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All those years wasted fighting each other, Charles.

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Something out there discovered us.

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 If on your journey, you should encounter God, God will be cut.”

 If on your journey, you should encounter God, God will be cut.”

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For those regarded as warriors, when engaged in combat the vanquishing of thine enemy can be the warrior’s only concern. Suppress all human emotion and compassion. Kill whoever stands in thy way, even if that be Lord God, or Buddha himself. This truth lies at the heart of the art of combat.

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(2/?) Favourite DirectorsDavid Fincher
"Filmmaking isn’t if you can just strap on a camera onto an actor, and steadicam, and point it at their face, and follow them through the movie, that is not what moviemaking is, that is not what it’s about. It’s not just about getting a performance. It’s also about the psychology of the cinematic moment, and the psychology of the presentation of that, of that window."

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